Love at First Sight from the 2012 Festival

Sept. 18th & 19th, Schenley Plaza

Come Out & Play

Sepember 18, 8pm-Midnight
Sepember 19, 11am-3pm

Schenley Plaza, Oakland

Come Out & Play Pittsburgh is a two-day, donation-based festival of brand new sports, street games, and social games that turn the city into an urban playground. Featuring the very best in field, street, and social games, CO&P helps you have city-sized fun.

After Dark: September 18th, 8pm-Midnight, Schenley Plaza.

Games run continuously until 11pm, when the Big Game of Counter Squirt begins.

Field Day: September 19th, 11am-3pm, Schenley Plaza.

Games run continuously until 2pm, when the Big Game of Territory: Oakland begins.

About the Festival

City of Play has partnered with Come Out & Play to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original festival of new games. The CO&P festival began in NYC 10 years ago, and is now expanding nationally beginning with Pittsburgh.

Take to the streets beginning at 8pm on Friday, September 18th with sidewalk, social, and urban exploration games, then continue the city-sized fun at 11am on Saturday, September 19th with a day of brand new, never-before-seen sports.


Want to help make the festival a reality? CO&P needs volunteer games runners, organizers, and others to make it happen! Anyone aged 18 and over is welcome to volunteer - please fill out this form if you’d like to volunteer!